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No King but Jesus

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"Crazy times we're living in." I wonder how long people have been saying that. Likely, throughout mankind, some variant of this phrase has been on our lips. I was recently reminded of how easily we as Christians can look to our government as savior. We might not think we do but let's examine this together. When our political party wins, we rejoice and feel a sense of assu...

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Radical Humility & Creating Narcissists

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Today I was in Philippians 2 where Paul encourages us to consider others as more important than ourselves and it made me realize how much of a struggle this is for most of us. Philippians 2:3 Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves. We would all agree we should put others before ourselve...

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The Harvest is Plentiful

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I have been freshly convicted that I love my comfort more than I have realized. Our neighborhood is ripe with opportunity but as an introvert I struggle with getting out there and mixing it up. I've recently realized it's less about me being an introvert but rather that I idolize comfort. Since getting out there we've had the opportunity to point people to the only hope f...

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Don't Deviate

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In my devotional time this morning I was in 1 Kings 13 where we read the story of a prophet who was commanded by the word of the LORD to not eat or drink on his journey. An old prophet lies to him and tells him that the LORD Lord spoke to him also and it was okay for the younger prophet to come to his house and eat and drink. As they were sitting at the table eating and dr...

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For God's Glory Alone

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How often do we secretly love the praise of people? Psalm 115:1 says Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to Your name give glory. Why would God need to remind us that the glory should be to Him and not to us? It's because we have at our core a deep seated desire for the praise of people. Look at any young child who gets applause for doing something cute and they will do it ...

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The Wickedness of Unforgiveness

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A brief view on forgiving others....

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You are not Condemned!

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What does this picture say about your Christian life? Do you see it? I'm sure there are other thoughts that could go along with mine but I see the chains that once bound me to my sin and the post that kept me in check to do the bidding of my former master. Here's the beauty of the picture. I'm not there anymore! By God's grace I've surrendered my life in repentance and f...

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Thinking the Best of Others

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What would you think if you walked by a bar and saw a Christian brother or sister inside? Many of us would instantly cast judgement upon our brother or sister or maybe just wonder in the back of our mind if they are struggling with a secret issue. We may even go so far as to let others know about who we saw so they can 'pray' for them. In our world today it's really easy...

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Rest Easy, God is on His Throne!

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Proper perspective for worry...

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Everything in Excellence

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How the Quality of our Work Tells the World About Our God Obviously this picture is getting a little out of control. I don't think that's what God is referring to when he tells us in Colossians 3:23 that whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men. The point of the passage is to make us aware for whom we are working. Whatever our labor is i...

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Enslaved to the Enemy

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Getting a proper perspective of people we don't agree with....

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