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Updated Blog4

Psalm 105:19"until what he had said came to pass,the word of the LORD tested him." 2020 to say the least has been a very interesting year. I am not saying anything that you do not already know. With that in mind, Psalm 105:19 stood out to me this week. Here is why I have never had any true health issues in the past until this year. My frustration is not so much the ups a...

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Post Election Posturing

Updated Blog1

We seemed to have survived another Presidential election process. Now we wait to discover the impact. Already reaction is mounting up via social media. One thing is certain; the moral compass of our country continues to drift downward, and no political scheme is going to reverse the situation. The Lord brought to my mind a remarkably simple but profound strategy to counte...

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Parkinsonian Ponderings: Forgiveness Factor

Updated Blog3

One of the symptoms of Parkinson's for me is that I will occasionally waken in the middle of the night with my mind racing with ideas. It has become a routine way that the Lord speaks to me. (No, I don't hear a voice) They could also be just my vain imagination or bad pizza, I call them ponderings until I can validate them by the Word and Godly counsel. Please consider and...

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The Harvest is Plentiful

Updated Blog2

I have been freshly convicted that I love my comfort more than I have realized. Our neighborhood is ripe with opportunity but as an introvert I struggle with getting out there and mixing it up. I've recently realized it's less about me being an introvert but rather that I idolize comfort. Since getting out there we've had the opportunity to point people to the only hope f...

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God Himself!

Updated Blog6

I don't know about you, but I've never experienced a more tense, frustrating, confusing, and truly volatile political season before. At 60, I now have enough history to have seen a few ugly political seasons come and go. We've all previously watched some of the well-known and wealthy threaten to move to a different country if their candidate doesn't win...not new. We've he...

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