Don't Deviate

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In my devotional time this morning I was in 1 Kings 13 where we read the story of a prophet who was commanded by the word of the LORD to not eat or drink on his journey.  An old prophet lies to him and tells him that the LORD Lord spoke to him also and it was okay for the younger prophet to come to his house and eat and drink.  As they were sitting at the table eating and drinking, the old prophet gets a word from God saying the younger prophet is going to die for disobeying the LORD.  As the younger prophet leaves, he’s killed by a lion.

We are living in the craziest times of my life.  We are living in the middle of COVID-19, a divisive Presidential election, and an increasingly Godless country that is coming apart at the seams.  We are told by the world and political parties what we are to think and what we are to do.   

It was a fresh reminder to me this morning that we do what God tells us to do in his Word.  We don’t deviate.   We don’t listen to political parties for instructions and we don’t listen to the world for instructions.  We listen to our commander Jesus through his Word.  We are enlisted in His army and we don’t entangle ourselves in things that distract us from the mission(2 Tim 2:4).  

In any military battle there’s always deception.  It’s a tool opposing forces use to get an opponent to get off mission.  The opponent will waste their finite resources thinking the battle is in one location when it’s actually elsewhere.  They will also use mental warfare to frustrate the enemy so they become demoralized.  I think both are happening to us Christians now.  

Let’s stay grounded in the Word, listening only to King Jesus for our daily missional instructions.  Stay connected to the Vine.  Apart from him we can do nothing (John 15:5).

-Greg Huber