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Psalm 105:19
“until what he had said came to pass,
the word of the LORD tested him.”

2020 to say the least has been a very interesting year. I am not saying anything that you do not already know. With that in mind, Psalm 105:19 stood out to me this week.  Here is why…

I have never had any true health issues in the past until this year. My frustration is not so much the ups and downs to the struggles that are going on inside my body. I am mostly frustrated with the medical community for running test after test with no clear diagnosis. Add to that being told the tests do not show accuracy for what I am being tested for does not help in my confidence in the medical community.  Frustrating to say the least!

So, then the question becomes what is the LORD teaching me through this trial? Where am I putting my trust, in the medical community or in The LORD? Prayer at a deeper level? Compassion for those who are struggling with health issues? Patience? Humility? 

It is always easy to say God is in control until we are faced with things that are out of our control like health. I know He will give me more clarity in His perfect timing but for now I am taking this verse to heart and choosing to see this time as a test or a time of refining.  I pray I will finish well and bring HIM the glory no matter what comes of my health issues.

-Larry Pierce