The Book of Numbers

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This may seem strange that I am not pointing to a specific verse in the book of Numbers from what I am hearing from the LORD but there is a theme through the first 17 chapters that The LORD is hitting me with. 


Am I ever satisfied with my circumstances? Do I want to go back to the way things were? Only if-----------?  You fill in the blank. I have struggles and can become blinded by what the LORD has already done and what life used to be like. What I mean is that I too forget the struggles from the past just like the nation of Israel did even though they were enslaved in Egypt with their children being killed right after birth, but yet they wanted to go back to Egypt because of missing meat?  How short sighted I too can become in times of stress and struggles. 

The complaining and grumbling also blinds me to the promises of The LORD. The nation of Israel was headed to the promised land by the LORD’s guiding. But yet I see that they looked at the land from their perspective in terms of who was there and not the fact the LORD had promised to give them the land. I do the same thing! My complaining or grumbling of my circumstances gets my focus off onto the wrong things which can cloud my judgement.  

As I struggle through things in my life desiring things to be less complicated or easy, what am I communicating to The LORD? My complaint is really against Him! 

Oh Lord Please forgive me for my complaining and grumbling because of my circumstances that seem to be unpleasant. Lord, may I embrace them knowing You know what is best in my life. Lord, please forgive me for not focusing on You and Your promises.  Lord, I know you have a greater plan than what I can see before my eyes. Please Lord help me to continue to put my faith and trust in You knowing You are in absolute control of all things. Lord, as You put on my heart Lamentations 3:20-26 at the beginning of the year as a theme verse please help me recall the verse to put my trust in nothing else no matter how difficult circumstances may become and seek YOU. In Jesus name, Amen.

As I finished this the LORD just hit me with this verse. I hope you look at it and then hope in Him and seek Him in what he is saying. Philippians 2:14-16. 

Wow,  Lord.  Thank you for another reminder of what our purpose should be during difficult times.

-Larry Pierce