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Our Speech/Words: Powerful or Destructive?

Updated Blog2

This week I read a narrative that a brother in Christ had put out on social media, and while attempting to get his point across, it was riddled with vulgar and offensive words. My first flinch was disgust and being broken hearted about what so many would read and think. I was probably more disgusted about what man may think, disregarding what God thinks. During my time in ...

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The Book of Numbers

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This may seem strange that I am not pointing to a specific verse in the book of Numbers from what I am hearing from the LORD but there is a theme through the first 17 chapters that The LORD is hitting me with. COMPLAINING --- COMPLAINING --- COMPLAINING Am I ever satisfied with my circumstances? Do I want to go back to the way things were? Only if-----------? You fill in...

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For the year 2021 we have chosen to focus on innovation as we pursue our essentials to make disciples. Our simple working definition of innovation is Trying Something New. We chose that term considering what we are facing with COVID-19. The author, Mick Murray, explains it this way: "Trying to lead an organization in this increasing VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ...

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