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No King but Jesus

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"Crazy times we're living in." I wonder how long people have been saying that. Likely, throughout mankind, some variant of this phrase has been on our lips. I was recently reminded of how easily we as Christians can look to our government as savior. We might not think we do but let's examine this together. When our political party wins, we rejoice and feel a sense of assu...

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Post Election Posturing

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We seemed to have survived another Presidential election process. Now we wait to discover the impact. Already reaction is mounting up via social media. One thing is certain; the moral compass of our country continues to drift downward, and no political scheme is going to reverse the situation. The Lord brought to my mind a remarkably simple but profound strategy to counte...

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God Himself!

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I don't know about you, but I've never experienced a more tense, frustrating, confusing, and truly volatile political season before. At 60, I now have enough history to have seen a few ugly political seasons come and go. We've all previously watched some of the well-known and wealthy threaten to move to a different country if their candidate doesn't win...not new. We've he...

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Find God Working Around You and Join Him

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I was freshly reminded in my recent devotional time and in my preparation formy Home Church Group study on Experiencing God, of how Moses was quiteconvinced that he was unqualified for the assignment God was calling him to inExodus 3:11 4:17. God knew exactly what He was doing in His calling to Mosesto go to Pharaoh and tell him to let His people go. Moses however, did no...

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