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Distressed... and Pressing on to KNOW HIM

Walk with Jesus

DistressedThe past few days I have been distressed. Distressed by the magnitude of God's love for me Distressed by my complacency Distressed by His patience Distressed by the magnitude of my sin. Distressed by His Overwhelming Grace Distressed by my fickle and wandering heart. Distressed by His Unconditional Love in spite of me...So what does he want? Hosea 5:15 ~ ...

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Walk with Jesus

As I was reading in Hosea today, something hit me. I worship idols. I would have never labeled myself something that extreme but I am convinced now, via God's word, that I am...and you probably are too (unless you are an elder of the church or something, then you have no issues spiritually) :) "...And you were not to know any god except Me, for there is no savior besides ...

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