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Chop His Head Off, Tell the End, He is Praising Jesus!

Armor of God

I tried writing and rewriting several times what I learned today reading Luke 7, especially verses 24-28, but it was terrible. Attached you will see a video clip from Mark Driscoll that does a way better job summing up what I wanted to write. When you look up synonyms for the word "justify" you can find words like excuse, explain away, or, rationalize. It is way to easy...

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The War for Humility - every thought captive.

Word of the Day

Near the end Monday's reading in Joshua, Chapter 21 verse 45, it's written : "Not one word of all the good promises that the Lord had made to the house of Israel had failed; all came to pass." Am I living my life like I believe His promises?. Just one week ago, my day/week started with a review of 3 weeks of Sunday sermon notes, The War for Humility In the Battle of the...

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Battle for the Heart…

Walk with Jesus

A version of the story goesRobert the 17th Earl of Bruce (the very one that betrayed William Wallace on the field of battle), as you know picked up where William left off after Wallace's life was dispatched. When Robert was close to death he made one of his trusted men cut out his heart to carry it with his army when they were engaged on the field of battle! During a batt...

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