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Archives for June 2015

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Word of the Day: Psalm 50:18-20 & 53:1-4

Word of the Day

We are in some really interesting times. We see the depravity of men and women all around. We are living in a society that everyone is doing what is right in their own eyes. There is no fear of God! Psalm 53:1-4. I can become so complacent that I am just as guilty as they are. Do I condone sin? Psalm 50:18-20. Do I fear the Lord? I catch myself thinking at times wondering ...

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Hi. My name is Thomas. So is yours!

Doubting Thomas

OK Blog readers. Instead of providing you the verses to read here, I'm asking you to open the old fashioned but never out of style BIBLE, turn the pages to John 20 and read verse 1-31. (John 20:1-31) ..... I'll wait........................ I'm always encouraged by people in the bible who demonstrate the weaknesses and failures that we humans still experience today. Even ...

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Does your ax head float?

ax head

I was drawn today to the story in 2 Kings chapter 6 which describes Elisha with men who were cutting down trees at the Jordan River to make beams for dwellings. One of the men was cutting down a tree and the iron ax head fell into the water. The man cried out becaues the ax was borrowed. The next verse (six) describes Elisha this time not by name, but as "the man of God". ...

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Humility - That's a Tough One!

Walk with Jesus

Good Morning Blog Land! Please forgive me as I was assigned to start at the begining of the week and I've failed you. I'll try to catch up... I love the word of God and His ability to use and apply any passage to our day, either directly or through someone else. This morning I read Proverbs 18, verse 12; "Before destruction, the heart of man is haughty, And before honor i...

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