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Archives for April 2015

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Devoted to God's Word

Word of the Day

Thirteen years ago I had a hunting accident that caused me to be unable to umpire baseball games, something that I had done for several years during basketball off-season. Due to a new teaching assignment and some renewed strength found through a physical therapist, I started calling baseball games again. I soon saw a problem developing. Due to my pride and arrogance , I f...

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Just like Israel

Word of the Day

I actually wrote this nearly two years ago, but never posted it because the Spirit prompted me not to. I've made a few edits from the original draft and I hope it is encouraging to you. Growing up in the Church I've heard the account of the children of Israel wandering in the desert for forty years probably more than forty times. I don't know if you're like me, but their ...

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Like a Game of Hot Potato

Walk with Jesus

I just finished reading a book by Francis and Lisa Chan called You and Me Forever. It's a marriage book but reads nothing like what you would think a book on marriage would be. Instead it might be the best best thing I've read on how to accomplish the mission other than the Bible. At the the very end Francis makes this statement to sum up all that they had written: "Like a...

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