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What To Expect

We believe that engaging in a church is a lot like a marriage. It takes some time to get to know each other, to discover each other’s likes, dislikes, and to determine if the parties in question are compatible.

We want people coming in to understand from the beginning what God has called us to as a group of Christ followers. There are some essentials you will absolutely hear over and over again. If you do not embrace them, or at the very least embrace an openness to grow in them, you will find yourself dissatisfied and eventually detached from the body. That is not a healthy place to be for a believer. That is why we want to be up front and honest about what you will hear, see and do as a part of our church.

  •  You will consistently hear about the Sovereignty of God in all things in life.
  •  You will learn about the complete sufficiency of God’s word to guide us in everything.
  •  You will be constantly challenged, internally and externally, to be engaged in the mission on a personal level.
  •  You will be encouraged to live in a way that requires dependence on the Spirit of God.
  •  You will have opportunity to be involved in relationships that encourage, equip, and challenge you.
  •  You have as much time as needed to wrestle through these ideas and to ask questions.


Get some perspective.

  •  Be sure you have read and digested the Perspectives on the Mission material.
  •  Attend Sundays.
  •  Get to know us, meet some people, make some friends, ask people about “their church.”
  •  Jump in and SERVE in an area – Children’s Ministry, Ushers, Café, Facilities, Liberty Thrift Store.


Join the adventure.

  •  Once you have done the above, fill out a connect card or contact the church office to sign up for the next Invitation Talk.
  •  You will hear more about the mission and be personally invited to join in the journey with us.
  •  You will be giving time in the days and weeks following the talk to let God speak to you about whether this is where to engage.


Get trained in the mission.

Mission Prep Classes

  • If you feel God leading you to be a part of our church sign up for the Mission Prep Classes.
  • Classes held on 4 consecutive Sundays, during second hour.
  • Work through prepared material.
  • Focus on “essentials of the mission” to help give people a deeper understanding of what it means to be a missionary in their community and be action oriented


Engage in the mission.

Ongoing Process

  • Join a community group
  • You will work together as a team of missionaries “Deployed in the Mission.”