Word of the Day: 2 Chronicles 19:2

Word of the Day

"Jehu the seer, the son of Hanani, went out to meet him and said to the king, "Should you help the wicked and love those who hate the LORD?"
2 Chronicles 19:2

To be admonished is to be warned or notified of a fault or to be reproved gently or kindly, but seriously. It's very easy when being admonished to become defensive and not readily be able to admit any fault. I think that's why Jehoshaphat's response in chapter 19 stood out to me. In II Chronicles 18, Jehoshaphat went to visit his buddy, Ahab in Samaria, where he was induced to go up against the strong city of Ramoth-gilead. God did not approve of starting this war and so by the end of chapter Jehoshaphat barely escapes with his life. He made it out because he cried out to the Lord and God diverted the captains of the chariots from him. When He returned to the safety of his house, Jehu the prophet came out to meet him and strongly admonished him, "Should you help the wicked and love those who hate the Lord…" His response is a great example of how to right a wrong. Jehoshaphat didn't get defensive, he listened to the prophet and "went among the people….and brought them back to the Lord, the God of their fathers."

Father, thank you for Your mercy. May I have a heart that is always open to You!

Dedicated to Prayer
Heb 4:16