Revive Me According to Your Word

Walk with Jesus

“Redeem me from the oppression of man that I may keep your precepts.” Psalm 119:134

I feel there needs to be a disclaimer on my blog with all that’s happening in the news the last few days. This is not a political statement at all. This is something God put on my heart several weeks ago.

Since retiring, Diana and I spent a lot of time in the car while traveling. We found ourselves sometimes getting kind of bummed because some what we heard on the radio seemed to deal with corruption; the corruption of man and how we cheat and lie, then act as though we are completely innocent. It really didn’t matter who it involved, as long as it was beneficial to the person, truthfulness was not considered. In Psalm 119:134, the Psalmist requests God to “redeem” (ransom, rescue, deliver) him from the “oppression” (fraud, unjust gain, deceitfully gotten) of man that he may “keep” ( guard, observe, give heed) to Gods Word.

So how should I keep from getting bummed about all the stuff going on around me? The Psalmist answers the question about 5 times in chapter 119 with verses 25, 107, 149, 154, 159 when he requests the Lord to revive him according to Gods Word. I must ask the Lord “…to open my eyes, that I may behold wonderful things from His Law.” Psalm 119:18

Father, please “revive me according to Your Word.”