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Follower of Jesus


Mark 1:17 "And Jesus said to them, "Follow me and I will make you become fishers of men."

Whenever I read verses 16-20 of Mark 1, I have a tendency to make my walk with Jesus so complicated. I think if only I could become more knowledgeable about the Bible, I would be so much more helpful to Him. You notice in this section of scripture Jesus doesn't ask us to learn more Bible and then He will ask us to follow Him. In fact, the only thing He said to Peter and Andrew was "Follow Me…." And don't you just love their response, "immediately they left their nets and followed Him." Why do I hesitate to follow Jesus and make things complicated?

My desire is to speed up my response time to Jesus from being hesitant, to having a heart that will immediately follow Him.

Oh Father, please forgive me for my hesitant heart. Help me to be a follower of Jesus who will immediately follow You.

Dedicated to Prayer,

Dave Magelssen