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Hearing God's Voice

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For God's Glory Alone

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How often do we secretly love the praise of people? Psalm 115:1 says Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to Your name give glory. Why would God need to remind us that the glory should be to Him and not to us? It's because we have at our core a deep seated desire for the praise of people. Look at any young child who gets applause for doing something cute and they will do it ...

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The Wickedness of Unforgiveness

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A brief view on forgiving others....

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You are not Condemned!

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What does this picture say about your Christian life? Do you see it? I'm sure there are other thoughts that could go along with mine but I see the chains that once bound me to my sin and the post that kept me in check to do the bidding of my former master. Here's the beauty of the picture. I'm not there anymore! By God's grace I've surrendered my life in repentance and f...

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Thinking the Best of Others

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What would you think if you walked by a bar and saw a Christian brother or sister inside? Many of us would instantly cast judgement upon our brother or sister or maybe just wonder in the back of our mind if they are struggling with a secret issue. We may even go so far as to let others know about who we saw so they can 'pray' for them. In our world today it's really easy...

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Rest Easy, God is on His Throne!

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Proper perspective for worry...

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Everything in Excellence

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How the Quality of our Work Tells the World About Our God Obviously this picture is getting a little out of control. I don't think that's what God is referring to when he tells us in Colossians 3:23 that whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men. The point of the passage is to make us aware for whom we are working. Whatever our labor is i...

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Enslaved to the Enemy

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Getting a proper perspective of people we don't agree with....

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The Judicial System - Who Knew?

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You've probably seen or heard me talk about keeping God relevant in current times. Some people struggle with reading about the God of the bible from thousands of years ago, but feeling Him in the now of our lives. Of course to that I always suggest that a ongoing, real relationship with the Creator requires time with Him. In His word and in prayer. In actions of obedience ...

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Stop whining! Have faith and believe!

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I love the book of Exodus. I've always been intrigued by the entire story of Moses, Pharaoh, the massive rescue. Even the back story of Joseph before that. I guess that is why one of my favorite animation movies is The Prince of Egypt. This morning I was reading Exodus chapter 13 where God has finally allowed Pharaoh's heart to be broken by the death of his (Pharaoh's) so...

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I hope!


How many times do you hear yourself saying "I hope ......."? You know you do it more than you think. "I hope traffic isn't bad today". "I hope my kid does well on his/her test". "I hope this new President does a good job". "I hope I get this promotion". I know I'm probably busting your chops for something you don't even think about, a statement that is more slang that anyt...

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