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Becoming a Partner (Member) on Mission


The following affirmations are necessary to be enlisted as a partner/member at West
Valley Bible Church:

  • Affirmation of Being Born Again
  • Willingness to Be Baptized (if not already done)
  • Affirmation of the Statement of Faith
    • (including documents on Divorce & Remarriage, Church Discipline, About Our Leadership)
    • Documents can be accessed at
    • Click on “Beliefs”
  • Affirmation of the Ministry Vision and Strategy


Our objective has been to inform you as to what West Valley Bible Church is all about.
We trust that you now understand and can determine if or how you want to be

We realize that there are stages of readiness to engage in the process and take
ownership as a partner/member.

  1. 1. You embrace it and are already engaged in the process and want to formalize
    your role as a partner/member.
  2. You embrace it and are eager to begin participating as a partner/member.
  3. You embrace it and want to begin participating and will consider committing as a
    partner/member later.
  4. You understand it but want more time to consider it before participating or
    making any further commitment.
  5. You understand it but have different expectations of what you want from a

If you identify best with number 1 or 2 above, thank you for taking full ownership in
what West Valley Bible Church is all about.

If you find yourself best described in number 3 or 4 above, please know that your
participation is highly valued and as you observe what God is doing, we trust you will
soon find it in your heart to become a partner/member. If you find yourself best
described in number 6 above, we realize that it is unlikely that we will fulfill your
expectations and therefore, you will probably prefer another church. Let us know if we
can assist you in finding a church compatible for you.